TrailTech Mounting for Scotts Sub Mount

I just installed my Sub Mount Kit (bought from TT) and removed the stock odo on my 05 WR. What are my mounting options for my TrailTech Computer? Has anyone used the bezel kit that TrailTech sells and mount it in front of the stabilizer?

Yea, It looks like you have the trailtech top mount billet protector. Thats what I'll get. Thanks!

it works well. But truthfully speaking, I only use the simple stuff on the trailtech. Its not that I can't use all of its features, but I haven't spent any time with it. I never really care to know how fast I am going. My speed (or lack thereof) is usually dicatated by the trail conditions and my current state of mind. I am, however, concerned about how far I have gone.

I actually spend more time looking at my handlebar mounted gps (not shown). It does a pretty good job of telling me how far I've gone and how to get back.

I only wish the trailtech was angled up more so I could see it easier.

Same for me, I dont even know why I have the trailtech, except for I am used to just having one. That is since I got my gps. It does a much better job than the trailtech.

The simple features of the trail tech are nice. I find the clock is handy and the service mileage counter is also handy without requiring a lot of input from the operator. It is also handy when set to complement the GPS information so that more information (speed and mileage) can be displayed without pushing buttons all the time (at a glance)

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