I have tried to do a search on exhaust but haven't found the right answer for a spark arrestor that doesn't cut performance. Is there one? The vortip looks interesting but I don't have a stock exhaust and the guy I got the bike from doesn't what kind of muffler is on there. It looks like a stock YZ. The bike is a '99 WR and I want to dual sport it. Any suggestions on how to identify

the muffler. There are no stampings or any marks.

It is a common trick to put a YZ muffler on the Wr's. Go to the Yamaha web site and look at the stock muffler on either the 250F or the 426F. That will at least tell you if they have changed yours to a stock or aftermarket muffler.


AMinkman......remember that a Vortip is not a USFS

approved spark arrestor, just a noise suppressor.

Just so you know, a YZ pipe will not have a spark arrestor in it either but a stock WR pipe will.

I am unable to identify the muffler so I am going to buy a new one or a system. There doesn't seem to be a consensus on whats best for performance and somewhat quiet. I was told that the forrest service is really cracking down on the sound levels. Is there a muffler or system that passes their sound test. The arrow system looks good but is it readily available. I saw a post on DRN for a Ti Arrow system that had good results but who needs Ti. I not looking for more performance, I just want to keep what I have and not get bothered. Any tips??

White Brothers E-Series with the quiet core. There's lots of them out there so you can probably even find a used one for a fair price. Just my 2 cents.


I live in Oak Hills, right at the top of the pass. Lots of good riding here. I roll up the garage door and go. Ty has a bunch of trails cut all over ranging from AA to beginner. Maybe we can get together sometime and ride.


Well, its not like I need Ti either...(Carbon Fiber?)

Arrow also makes a Al sleeved silencer, but you will have to fit a spark arrestor.

And the Arrow distributor for the US seems to be a lot more into selling Arrow scooter pipes than anything else...

I wanted a good performing pipe that was quiet, and seeing as Arrow sponsors the world champions and they have noise limits I suspected I was on the right path. The silencer is long and it doesn't make that tinny yz-f with a pipe sound...

The dyno says the pipe works too...

I will have the ranger sound test it next wknd.

There are several options for a quiet muffler out there in addition to the ones mentioned. FMF has a quiet core muffler as well as Big Gun.

Sorry SFO, I wasn't bagging on you. I know from your post that you were surprised you bought Ti.

I am interested in the Arrow, I just can't spend tht much.

I haven't seen to much on the boards about Big Gun.

Are all these going to perform pretty much the same? I just don't want to do it twice.

Hey Ernie that sounds great, Ive heard Oak Hills is pretty fun riding.

Hey I can comment on the Big Gun system. I have trialed the following exhausts on my WR. The Canadian OEM stock steel, definatley the quietiest of all but restrictive on the top end for certain.

The YZ stocker, Good overall performance, best bang for the buck in fact. That is if you don't need a spark arrestor.The FMF Power Core iv with SA. This pipe provided a very nice top end, easy to jet, but unfortunately extremely loud. Definately louder than the stock YZ. Finally the Big Gun system. Oversize header with a ceramic coating to keep the exhaust flowing fast and hot.Oh it looks so pukka! A choice of competition or quiet core and an optional Spark Arrestor that can be had for a princely sum. I bought this system used with all the extras so the price was reasonable in comparison to their retail. Performance is very goood throughout although I would say the top was bigger on the FMF. I have not bothered trying it with the provided "competition baffle" so it may be in line with the FMF top end wise. Definately tougher to get dialed in jetting wise. I have only run the quiet core and can report thast it is much quieter than the FMF, quieter than the YZ stocker, but still a good 10 db louder than the OEM CAD WR silencer. This is now my exhaust of choice on my WR. Power is strong throughout but as is the case with all these silencers, (with the exception of the OEM canadian silencer which is not rebuildable)

they must be repacked often. If you are expecting huge performance gains over the stock YZ silencer, I think you may be wasting your money. But if you are in need of a Spark arrestor, quieter, this one is a viable option.

What does that Arrow system cost? hmm, I promised myself the exhaust trials are over! I think I'll await someone elses trial before contemplating another exhaust.


Has anybody just replaced the stock header with a bend that will clear the oil filter bolts and maybe a small proformance gain and keep the stock exhaust? :)

Well I installed a WB E series and thought about taking it back but instead fired it up with 8 discs. I only went for a ride down the street and it didn't seem to different. The muffler I had before, it turns out, is a WB also, looks very similar to a stock YZ. With 8 discs it sounds the same as the non disc WB. Ran out of time so I will try different settings when I can ride it. I am pleased so far. Are there any gains to be had with a WB header? What is the difference with the different bends they offer?

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