Leftover BRP pricing

I found a 650R at a dealer a couple hours away that is an '05. They have an ad on cycletrader for $5500 or something so I call them and they tell me the OTD price would be $6500. Doesn't this seem way high? Has anyone seen any BRPs at dealerships near them? I wouldn't mind driving a ways for a decent deal.

This site http://www.motorcycle-brokers.com/mypage1a91.html?pg=Honda has them for $5599, but that might be Canadian dollars (there's a converter at the bottom of the page if it is in Canadian dollars) Add in $200 or so for Forward Air delivery.

Place in Chattanooga TN used to have very good prices, but it was all pickup at their location. Might be worth thr drive if you're near enough.

You can get a very nice used one for 3200 easily. They rarely exceed 3000 on ebay. On eBay you can compare 5 or 6, and even call and talk to the owners, its probably better than buying used at a dealer, where you can't talk to the previous owner.

I will never buy a new bike again. Just be real picky.

Go on Cycletrader and search for 650R's (if you run a search of "XR650R", you will see most listings, but if you do a search for "XR 650R", you will see a few more listings, including a dealer in Tenn which has a OTD price of $5385 for an 06, unless you live in Tenn., then only local sales tax will be extra. :excuseme:

Thanks guys, I'll look into that dealer in TN.

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