which wr470 is green sticker

Im looking for a wr for my son which year should I get and which ones are green Any advice is appreciated Thanks in advance

My Wr 426 is green sticker it is an 02 so anything older should be green also unless your dmv is screwed up like ours is.

I forgot to mention it has to have e-start I have a bad ankle and the k-start kills me but luckily riding doesnt.I know I said its for my son but if i like it he will get my husky 450 or we'll share.

i just bought my 2006 wr450f (no mods YET!) and i think its a blast to ride, it can jump it can go fast, i can only wait to see the real nature of the beast......

And.... I just went to an insurance place with my nivas and registraion and got plates for it. it's not fully street legal, but the papers look good i guess :excuseme:. hardy har har


The dirtier the better!

2003 WR 450 first year of electric start all 450's have e-start 426 or 400 do not. If your ankle hurts from kick starting then you will hate the 426. Check this forum for more details 2003 450's had an electric starter drive problem other 450 owners can give you more details.

05 was the first year of a green sticker E-start WR450

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