426 vs. 450

I was just wondering because my first race is this weekend is there a big difference between the power and speed of the 450 and the 426, just curious

No, not if it's your first race. Trust me, it wont matter. Just have fun.

thats my 02

I just made the switch from a 426 to the 450 last week. The 450 has much more power, better braking, suspension and handling. The 426 will still run strong with the new bikes though... I've been racing the 426 all year and its still very competitive, I had lots of holeshots on the bike against all the new machines.

I've owned both, an 02 426F & an 04 450F, & the thing I noticed most when I got the 450 was how it felt lighter through turns & when jumping. Power-wise they were both really close. The 426 felt a little chuggier down low compared to the 450. The ergonomics are better on the 450, but nothing can compare to the straight-line stability of the 426...that bike never ever shook or felt un-stable down fast rough straights...might have had something to do with the extra weight. Man...I sorta miss my 426F :excuseme:

The better rider will win on either bike....

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