Need Help

So I just had the pig in the shop to get the valves adjusted. They

were out pretty bad. Thought all was well, went for a ride today and

something is still not right. The first odd thing is the bike seems

to be louder, more engine noise than it used to. And it seems like

there is a ticking or knocking that I do not remember before. ALso,

it is shifting funny. Sometimes will not go all the way into 5th or

won't shift all the way into first. It still runs pretty good other

than the noise. Maybe a little loss of power but nothing huge. If

you can help please do. Thanks in advance.

Obviously it can be many things...but after a valve adjust when it "really needed it"--

the bike should have noticably MORE power.

Also--the ticking "might" be the vavles.

I would start with the idea the valves are not correctly adjusted. Thats just where i would start.

I recommend searching here, reading the manual carefully, then rechecking the valve lash. To the uninitiated, it's easy to rotate the engine backwards when locating TDC-Compression, thereby activating the "kickback" feature of the decompression mechanism and get false readings when lashing the exhaust valves. Must rotate the crankshaft in normal engine direction ONLY when positioning the piston at TDC-Compression to perform the lash check.

Even if you are having someone else perform the work, get a hold of a manual and read up on each issue so that you can crosscheck their work and be well-informed.

I have no recommendations to offer regarding the shifting condition.

Good luck and have fun.

I would also check the oil level.

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