Pro Circuit vs FMF?

Any appreciable difference between a Pro Circuit Ti-4 silencer and a FMF Factory 4.1 silencer? I'm talking about just the slip-on, not an entire system. The Pro Circuit looks a little higher quality in person, but cost $25 more at the local shop.

I am not too familar with the PC pipe(just havent been able to rip one apart).But the FMF have a chamber core in the muffler which means that it isnt just stright.It is more like stright then expands and contracts.

Personally I have the FMF on my bike and couldnt be happier.

Another thing I just thought of is that the PC muffler sticks a great deal out more than the FMF does.THe pice of the PC pipe I saw the muffler stuck about the same as stock out of the rear number plate where the FMF tucks in fairly close.

i have the pro circuit ti-4 and it does stick out far, not as far as stock but it is more than others. i looked in to the muffler and it seems straight through, haven't tore it apart yet.

I have FMF and I love it. I got good power gains, but then again I got the whole system. But to be honest my next pipe will probaly be Pro Circuit.

I like my FMF Ti4 a lot. I like how it works, and I like the concept of the Power Bomb in general. My knee jerk first choice would be another one for my '06.


The Dr.D complete system is looking very very good for $300 less, and MXA loved it.

We have a FMF Q2 exhaust on our YFZ quad, and a Procircuit exhaust on our KTM 300 XC, and they are both very good quality. But in the pictures the Procircuit for the YZF looked a little more "high tech", or modern if you will, than the FMF did. I liked the color of the titanium on the procircuit more than the color of the titanium on the FMF, and thought it would be a better match for my yeller YZF. How vain is that?

So it came down to appearance, LOL. I just ordered the Procircuit for the YZF, and it will come in tomorrow morning. I'll let you all know what I think once its on the bike. I don't mind it being longer than the FMF, if it is quieter, and I would hope that a longer silencer means a quieter silencer, but you never know.

I think the FMF looks much better, and it's i bought the Factory 4.1

Their new 299. ti pipe looks about the same for a lot less...

Well I put the Pro Circuit Ti-4 slip on exhaust on my YFZ this morning and took it for a ride. Here are my thoughts:

Ease of installation: 10/10 It literally takes less than three minutes to remove the side panel and remove the old system, and put on the new system.

Fit: 8/10 Pro Circuit says to remove the rubber seal from the joint between the head pipe and mid pipe of the stock exhaust, and re-use it on their exhaust. Except there is no rubber seal there on the '06, but rather, a big clamp that doesn't fit the Pro Circuit exhaust. So it is just a slip fit at that joint, ... so far it doesn't leak at all, but it isn't as good as the stock exhaust.

Weight savings: 3/10 I can't feel any difference in weight, but when I put a finger through the mounting hole in the silencer mounting bracket of the stock silencer / midpipe and do the same for the Pro Circuit exhaust and let them hang from my fingers side by side, you can see that the stock exhaust is heavier at the front of the exhaust and the Pro Circuit exhaust is heavier at the end of the exhaust. So Pro Circuit gains nothing in weight, and loses ground when it comes to mass centralization.

Power: 6/10 Feels exactly the same as stock to me, even runs the same and does not feel like it needs rejetted. I'm running the stock jetting at 6,200 feet elevation, and it was 74 degrees this morning when I went for the ride. I'll have to look at the jetting post above to be sure my jetting is right. I suppose it is good that I did not lose power with the addition of a spark arrester, so that gives it one point above an average rating.

Sound: 9/10 Fairly loud at idle, and perhaps just slightly higher pitched, which keeps it from a perfect score, but the Pro Circuit Ti-4 exhaust is quieter than stock, which is more and more noticeable the more throttle is given. I really like the quieter volume, and the tone is very good.

Appearance: 10/10 Without a doubt the all time best looking exhaust I have ever seen. The Pro Circuit titanium exhaust on a yellow YFZ is drop dead gorgeous.

If you read through all of this I'm proud of you :excuseme: Have a good one.

I have a DR.D system on my 426 and it is great. I read that the slip on is equally as good and substantially cheaper.

3tv:: were you running the pipe with the spark arrestor in??

Yes. I needed a spark arrestor, and wanted something a little more trick looking than the stock exhaust, so decided on Pro Circuit. It does everything I needed it to do, and I'm happy with it, but it would have been nice to get a little more power out of it. It certainly helps you to realize how well the stock exhaust really performed. I don't know why Yamaha couldn't have a removable end cap on the stock exhaust, and sell the screen type spark arrestors for it through their parts departments. Why is that not obvious to Yamaha? Probably because they want you to buy another whole pipe instead of a $15 screen.

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