yz450 cams in a '05 wr450 = more juice???

I'm wondering if anyone has experience in using the yz cams in the wr450 or wr250? I've got both bikes and a yzf250 and much perfer the yzf power band and pipey nature. Any thoughts about the modifications mentioned below or suggestions to get more upper end juice?

05 WR 450

Q2 pipe and header

Air Box mods

All the free mods

JD jetting (wow!!!)

iCat ignition capacitor

ZipTi Fuel Screw

50/15 sprockets

Mach1 motosport suspension

Baja Designs seat (Oh yeah...)

I tired of looking at the back of a BRP on the straight aways...

Any suggestions

The Q2 is doing you absolutely no favors, but if you gotta be quiet, so be it.

A race pipe will give you most of what you need, but lots of DB's too.

The YZ cam will give you more snappy power, with more top end. I would like to try this as well as a lighter flywheel. I am broke at the moment, so it will still have to wait.

Do you find much difference with the iCat? You should have got a Vortex ignition instead.

Being that IIRC the wr450 and yfz450 are the same cams, and the only diff between yz and yfz cams is the decompression tab location, I don't think it would help you. I think you can do the same "cam mod" to the wr as you can to the yfz, but you should check that. It would be essentially the same as installing the yzf cams.

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