New graphics and bubbles (pre '06)

Just put a new set of graphics on my '03 YZ450. Any advice for me on how to make them last longer without bubbling? Would it make any difference if I emptied the tank between rides? I put on a set of FX OEM ones so they have the vapor holes, but so did my last set and after a few months they began to bubble.

Or are bubbles just the price of putting graphics on a gas tank instead of a shroud?

Thanks for the help.

I didn't fill my tank up until the riding day, but I am not sure it helped that much as there are always gasses in the tank, and plastic tanks always "evaporate". My graphics lasted almost three seasons on my 02 YZ125 and I put another thick clear tape on places most exposed to scratching.

I would recommend to buy graphics that have only a small portion of white on the gas tank part, because it gets brownish after a couple of months.


I drained the tank and let it sit in the sun for a day before I applid the graphics. The tank is still empty and the graphics are excellent but my last set were (for awhile anyway) great for awhile too. I was hoping that someone has some ideas for me to try to make them look great longer. Thanks for the help.

Just an update on the bubbles situation. I put oem graphics by EFFEX and of course on the tank after a week or so they started to bubble. I got rid of the bubbles once or twice, then last week I remove the check valve in the vent hose. The problem isn't gone but it sure is alot less. It looks like it's helped me anyway. The graphics have been pretty much bubble free since then.

your susposed to drain the tank and use contact cleaner stuff on the plastic. then it should be bubble free. on my quad i put graphics on it with a full tank of gas and washed the plastick with only water. i put the graphics on and not 1 bubble. maby your graphics are to thin.

I did the installation just the way you said. Empty tank for 2 days sitting in the sun. No vapor left at all. And I used brake cleaner to clean it as well before I applied the graphics. The bubbles I'm talking about appeared about 1 week after installation. My stock ones never bubbled but my last 2 sets of aftermarket ones both have.

a few thoughts from my experience.. a big one is make sure the perforations are cut al the way thru, I always recut all the perfs before installing.. also may help to keep the tank full of as between rides , less vapors.. and a hue help is to pull the vent tube between rides so the tank can breathe thru the gas cap instead of thru the tank..

On you next set of graphics clean super good before applying but after they're on, cover them in a couple coats of "Mop and Glo" which is an acrylic floor polish. Works well. I usually cover all the graphics and stickers. No only prevents bubbling but also prevents lifting of the edges.

Also if you use soap or heavy water to apply your graphics, you may be having bubbling where the soap evaporates, or change to use distilled water to apply. I've changed to putting on the grahics dry with use of a small hyperdermic needle (27G) and syringe to get rid of the bubbles.

I never thought to recut the perforations or the Mop and Glo idea. I will try both next time. Thanks guys

i still bet your graphics are to thin. thisck graphics shoulsnt do that.

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