Coolant top-up?

I need to top-up the coolant on my bike as the tank is nearly empty. Can I use any deionized battery water? :excuseme:

Hey Boer!

Of course you can! It just doesn't work as well as coolant.

It just doesn't work as well as coolant.
Yeah, it works better.

if you only use water be sure to empty it before the winter. Water expend when it freeze.

60 parts water to 40 parts antifreeze. use your garden hose for the water :excuseme:

Yeah, it works better.

Better at over heating! :excuseme:

Read through THIS link and you will find:

"Water has twice the heat transfer capability when compared to 50% glycol antifreeze/coolant in water"

But don't take Redlines word for it, that's just advertising. Look HERE and they will tell you:

"Water transfers heat better than a water/antifreeze mixture. The more antifreeze you add, the worse the heat transfer capabilities."


"The best coolant, in terms of heat transfer ability, is water!"

Now, don't get me wrong. I do not suggest you run straight water. I use Water Wetter, which not only increases heat transfer ability but also provides corrosion protection. I also add a small amount of glycol, but there's no need to use 30% or 40% glycol mixes unless you need freeze protection. You're just increasing your engine temperature by doing so.

So what about boil over protection, you ask. Well, if you read the last link you would know that a 15 psi cap will increase the boiling point of water to 250 degrees F. If you're running at 250 degrees, I think you've got other problems. With my coolant mix I have only boiled over once, blazing new trails in the middle of the woods.

Boer, all else aside, topping off with water is OK because, unless you lost coolant to a leak, it probably was lost as steam blown past the cap. You have only lost water in this case and your glycol mix actually got richer.

All that mumbo jumbo doesn't really mean anything.

Coolant is use to keep the engine temps stable. If Coolant is so bad, then why do you still use it?

10% glycol, which is about 5 oz. in our bikes, will give me around 20 degree freeze protection.

oh ya, I forgot he said his tank(radiator was empty :excuseme: )

Where did all that coolant go ?

theres no dought that water has better cooling properties than anti freeze, and theres no dought that water will corode, oxidize, wont lubricate etc. not to mention it freezes some where around 32 degrees. Pure anti freeze dont have the cooling capacity as water, so you mix the two to get the best of both worlds, thats all, nothing complicated about it.

But never run staight water unless you want to destroy your cooling system real quick.

Yes H2O is best thermal carrier, but what about engine hot spots? Internal steaming?

what about when no air flow through rads?

I also like the water wetter term that redline use, they just use aerosol as a coolant.

Yep, that's what I run. Good chit.

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