Stewart OUT for Budds Creek

JS needs to rest and recover, let RC claim his last title, and itll all be good, but u no next year there wont be any RC vs. JS battles so they should get at least one great fight in before RC retires

Its good to see the support for bubba,last year the guy just got bashed.Even when he comes back Ricky has no reason to run with him unless Rick DNF's.Motocross is very unpredictable,never know whats going to happen so we learned this last super cross season.

Would be nice if Bubba showed up just for PR,sign a few autographs,kick back and enjoy the people pulling for him.I'd like to see Bubba around for awhile,he's shaping up to be quite the rock star.

Go Bubba!!!!!!

Relax guys, James is going through a rehab program to be strong and ready for RC at Red Bud!

I go to Southwick every year, and I honestly think if Bubba did not show, I wouldn't have gone because it would have just been RC out in front by a minute or more. :bonk:

Southwick 2006 had to be race I've seen since I've been going. :excuseme:

I have a couple of friends going up to race amateur and watch the big race. They will truly be dissapointed to find out he will not be there.

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