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When buying a used XR 650R, besides the obvious side case wear, what should you be looking for? I know there is alot a person can do to hide wear on a bike, ie change plastics, etc., but are there things to look for that would indicate hard use or more use than "low hours" that most bike have? I have never owned a 650R, so not sure what to look for. Please help if you can. Thanks! :excuseme::bonk:

FWIW, I would put it on a stand and check the swing arm bearings, wheel bearings, fork tubes, etc. I would also look at the chain and sprokets, oil, radiator, all controls, cables, rims for dents, spin the wheels and see if they are bent. Just have a good detailed look at it and you can get lots of info about use and abuse as well as maintenance.

Usually the first things to wear out are the shock bearings, particularly the lower one. Tip the bike on the side stand so that the rear wheel is off the ground. Grab the rear wheel and move it up and down, if the shock bearings are worn, you will feel the looseness. With both wheels on the ground, shake each wheel to check for wheel bearing looseness. Look for pitting on the fork tubes and a bent sub-frame as well as scars and dents on the frame. Look for leaking fork seals and oil around the shock rod. Look for bent/flat spotted rims and loose spokes. These are all signs of a well used/neglected bike. Give it a good inspection and use your head.

Great info...Thanks :excuseme:

Depending on how far you want to take this and how accommodating the seller is, take an oil filter and oil with you and have a look-see. Pull the screen out of the frame down tube and check for clutch material and other debris. Look closely at the fastener heads for the down tube screen, oil filter cover, valve covers, etc., all the things that should have been touched in order to perform the maintenance the seller says was performed or should have needed for the claimed age / mileage. If claimed to be original check the brake pads and their retaining hardware closely. Same for tires, chain and sprockets. If the chain has a master link in it, that as sign it's been apart. Yank the air filter and see if it's clean. Ask him how much oil is required at time of oil and filter change. If he doesn't know or says he dumps a full 2 quarts in, that's a sign. Radiators are darn expensive, pear in closely to see if they are damaged or show dried coolant from leaks. These are some of the checks I would make to help minimize the risk of buying used.

If the seller has a manual, spare air and oil filters, and spare gaskets for maintenance points,.....these are good signs he is at least maintenance-aware.

Who would turn down a free oil & filter change unless they are hiding something?

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