XR50 oil grade

I need to change the oil in my fiddy and i don't know what the correct oil weight /grade for it is. Any knowledge is much appreciated.

ive always ran castrol 10w 40 in mine non synthetic

Honda has both synthetic HP4 and a conventional SJ or I like Motul just make sure its 10w-40 weight and has MA printed on the back of the bottle. These MA oils are for wet clutch applications so don't use regular motor oils or oil with moly. Go to motorcycle shop they have the right stuff or if your lucky some auto stores.

Be careful what you put in it. With that wet clutch, you must not use any oil that is rated as "energy conserving". I bought a quart of the Honda oil at my local dealer for only $3.47. The bike only takes 0.6 quart per oil change, so it's like spending about $2 per change! Sure you can use something else other than the Honda oil, but why not just go with the Honda oil since it ends up being so cheap to change and then you know for sure you have the right stuff. If you buy two quarts, you'll have enough for three changes. The first change should be done at about 10 hours, then about every 20 hours after that. If you have your manual, it has a lot of info on this topic. Also, the Honda Owners Link website (you can get there from the regular Honda.com site) goes into detail on this, plus just about anything else you would want to know. Hope this helps....sorry for the looooong post!

just buy the honda oil....works fine

yeah, that's what I was tryin to say...... :-)

Rotella T white jug ($8 for a gallon at Wal-Mart)

Check out the bigger bike sections, there have been many tests and this is the best bang for the buck and besides bean oil holds up the best of all oils. :excuseme:

Most people use it on both sides of their 450's, cars, etc. I use it in all 3 of my bikes and also used it in all of my street bikes.

Here is a link in the 450 section. Kelstr's post are the most informative.


amsoil in my fiddy

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