'06 Notes and a Question

Well, we haven't ridden the '06 YZ450 yet, but we've been working on it. So far, I've added my Slider Wear Plate, a new Regina ORN, Windham bend bars (Junior is 6' 2"), pulled the forks up 5mm, set the sag to 95 (it was 80), and set the jetting at 165MJ and a 45 pilot, based on info from all the '06 owners I've read. I also had the kid gin up a temporary stone shield for the front of the engine to prevent the dipstick from getting knocked off by a stray rock. He'll be building some billet dip stick knobs when school starts back up

The carb is indeed a lot tougher to get into. I disconnected the TPS for some extra slack, disconnected the hot start to avoid breaking the fitting, and removed the head stays. Then it tips out and over far enough for good access to the jets. The rear triangle is lots easier to pop on and off than the '03 is, though, so don't hesitate to do that if it helps. Pull the right number plate, and the two bolts from the exhaust, and the rest slips off and on nicely.

What have you settled on for your suspension settings? We ride in areas that have some really big, quad-generated whoops, and my son likes fairly loose damping so he can blitz them. What works for you, and how much did it change as the suspension wore in?

How much does the rider weigh?

I was pleased with my suspension on my 450, but I was offered support from PWR and I had it revalved. I weigh 175 and they said that I was on the borderline for the stock springs to be too stiff. They said that I would benefit from softer springs, but the cost is high to replace the rear titanium with titanium.

They softened the valving in regards to the initial stroke and it stiffens up toward the end. The ride is much more plush and it soaks up big bumps just as good as before. This is when tested back to back with my brother's stock suspension '06 that was set up identical to mine.

The point of the post is that of the rider is lighter than 175 or so, the stock suspension can benefit from being softened up a bit.

If that is JR in the pic then he looks to be 150-175lbs - I would back out the compression about 3-4 clicks forks/shock while breaking it in - Spring may be too much for that weight but wait until it is broken in - 101 mm sag works well too for stock.

Ti yamaha spring for the fork is retail 395.....my cost 320.00 to give you idea on that

WC or GYTR has the skid plate for MX fits perfect.

Fuel screw is needed

have fun Grey don't ride it....JR may not have a new bike to ride too much.... :excuseme: Or you may end up with 2 of them :busted:

Congrats.....and where did your thread go yesterday Dude? :bonk:

don't ride it....JR may not have a new bike to ride too much.... :excuseme: Or you may end up with 2 of them :bonk:

Congrats.....and where did your thread go yesterday Dude? :bonk:

Thanks. I think eventually I will have two, but it'll be a while. Maybe a used one.

The thread got yanked. No explanation. :busted:

Gray, I bought the devol radiator gaurds and skid plate....they went on pretty easy. That skid plate looks like it could take a beating too.

Thanks for the note on the sag....I haven't set mine yet (just got 'er on Saturday) :bonk:

What's the deal with the metal under the chain slider? :excuseme: I guess that I have not heard of a problem....what causes this?

grayracer, while your at it make me a wear plate for mine and save me from having to buy the TM one for a while :excuseme:

sweet gray, your son is so lucky :excuseme:

Gray if your thinking about selling the 250f then my friend might be interested. He always thought that his KTM125 was all that until he rode my brothers bike so now he wants one.

i have found that they are definatly not as poppy as the '03 but in an overall ride the steering seems easier and lighter to use in the corners. my suspension has set in fairly well, the front takes longer then the rear. drops are still a little harsh

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