WANTED: Stock XR650L Wheels

My friend is looking for stock wheels for his XR650L. Anyone want to sell a set let me know.



$5,849.00 and i'll toss in the bike for free...

just kidding, i wouldnt sell my L.

eBay :excuseme:

We have been looking on ebay, hoping something pops up on here :excuseme:

check the classifieds & watch the posts (for people who went supermoto - most likely they bought a new set). I ended up getting a set through here just by reading along. (But they arent for sale) good luck hunting, if i see any i will pass along the info.

I have a complete set of wheels.....off of an 04 with less than 1600 miles on them. Just mounted a Brand new set of Metzler Lazertech tires 90/90/21 130/80/18 with new tubes Zero miles on them as of TODAY. I will sell them for the right price.

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