How warm is warmed up?

Using the oil temp dipstick, I try to let her (01 - 650L) warm up to at least 40C, but she runs at around 100C.

She'd never get to 100 idling. In additon, she cools off so quick the 20 minues after I shut her down, she's below 20C and needs to warm up again. Which is inconvenient as hell.

What do yo guys do?

That's the great thing about the Honda 4-strokes....they run nice and cool. Why do you think they are usually in any piece of rental equipment that you go rent! How warm is warm enough...well, I usually know it's warmed up when I can turn off my choke and the engine responds to throttle blips without hesitation.

Look at the bright side...wouldn't it stink if we were all having to devise ways to combat our hot running engines?!

if it is nice out... anything above 60 i probably let it run around a minute. but if it is colder then 60 i usually let it run for a couple minutes... if it is totally freezing out like 20 below and i feel like freezing my butt of riding that is when i really give it a little while to warm up, i then do what the other guy said and warm it up until i get good throttle response.

it is funny you say this caus i actually just got a new car and i was reading the manual at work cause i was bored and in the manual it says that warming your car up does nothing for the car and there is no need for it. maybe the days of letting things warm up are over, better metals and honing process might have eliminated it all together

I have a XR600, and I never do anything to "warm it up." I start it and let it run for 20 or so seconds to let the oil get flowing. Then I ride it. I don't do extended wide open 80+ mph riding until it gets a chance to warm up a bit.

I live in So-Cal so it's pretty much 60+ year round. I start her up and leave the choke on till she starts sputtering (30 seconds). Then I turn the choke off and still sit for another 30 seconds until I can blip the throttle w/o sputtering. So just like the other guy said about a minute usually. :excuseme: Even after that though I try not to run it high on the revs for a few miles...

Sorry guys I had to post one more time to get to the 1000 mark! :excuseme:

Adam, I think that your car manual is correct about not needing to let your car engine warm up, but that's not really the full story though. With a car, they have advanced fuel injection nowadays that automatically adjusts to run the engine properly at all times. I start my car up and drive it right away. BUT, I'm very careful to keep the rpm's and engine load low. For me, it's a couple of miles on slow streets to get onto the highway on my way to work. If I lived right next to the on-ramp, I'd never start my car and head right onto the highway. Remember that car owners manuals are written for the "average person" - who is a complete idiot regarding mechanical things!! All engines should be run gently until they warm up a bit - for many reasons including lubrication (I run AMSOIL full synthetic - the best stuff out there in my humble opinion). Just my 2 cents worth....

I have the thermostat removed on my 650r so i normally give it a bit longer to warm up my bike up. Maybe about 5 minutes on cold days. I avoid hard running until about 10 minutes after starting. I was told that if you don't let your bike warm up and you gun it too early you will risk a cold seize. This is when the piston has heated up and expanded but the cylinder is still cold. As i understand it oil circulates pretty quickly and not so much the problem.

About 4-5 minutes. :excuseme:

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