Who's go the best deal on oil filters ?

I would like to see you find something that will filter better.........

Here... read these...


and the link on that page that says... All about oil filters.


there's tons of info out there to back up this info... some of it's just hard to find, but the truth is out there, this sight thought seems to have the most info compiled into one place.

Happy Reading.

Oh and if that's not enough....


and all of the Links in it..... :excuseme:

That's why I change my oil regularly..........

The Scotts filter is good down to 35 micron. No paper filter can even touch that! At a cost of 70 bucks, it's paid for itself in only four filter changes! That Scotts filter is identical (except for size) to what we use in the GE 700C helicopter engines (jet, of course). That engine is just short of a million bucks a pop! If it's good enough for that engine, it's good enough for me. As for cleaning it, I soak it for about five minutes or so in acetone, (remove any o-rings first), then blow it from the inside out to remove any left over particulates, and to ensure no acetone contaminates my fresh oil. The high flash point of the acetone guarantees it will evaporate completely in a matter of minutes at room temperature, if you don't have the benefit of a compressor handy to blow it dry. The acetone is available at any hardware store for just a few bucks a gallon. Just don't get it on any plastic parts of your bike accidently!

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