Plastics for 06 WR 450F

I was wondering if i bought new plastics that are made for a YZ 450F, could i use them for my WR. Im talkin about the side plastics and in the front where the head light is.

when i called ballards about this (they race wr's) i was told it does not work on the left side due to the air box cut out thingy.

may work with a few mods tho

i havnt tried ^^

got 05 WR, been lookin fur blue sidepanels for over one year now. no dice. the best us WR owners could do in this day and age is custom order side panel number plate stickers. not sure about you, but I like the all blue look. YZ blue is the shite..... see for the stickers. also fork guards. everyone says no blue. i visited a website. and they say blue fork guards, but i need to call and confirm before i order. good luck my friend, and long live the WR......

FYI: i went down to the local vinal sticker shop in town and bought some material that resembles the YZ blue and used it to cover the small black plate on the right of my bike. looked OK till the first fall. i'll do the otherside soon. and the numberplate stickers are going to be ordered

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