Mike, Mike and Monty,

Great ride at Stoneyford. Excellent pace for a full days ride. Thanks for the fun.

Looks like I'm going to the Mt. Shasta area this Thanksgiving so I don't think I'll be able to make the annual Stoneyford pilgrimage unless you'll still be riding on Saturday. Do you know what the plan is yet?

John don't know yet if stonyford will be openen for camping by T-DAY I'll post on the finding when I get info from ranger.Mike.Mike,John that was most geart ride very fast pace 54 miles 2 30 min brakes all in 3hrs lots of fun there was no takers on a second loop including me HA HA.


Monty, Mike,& John that was a great ride! Let's do it again soon!


Denise and I had a great time on Saturday, and I thought of y'all.

We are planning to go again next Saturday.

Are there any Stonyford regulars that do trail maintenance? Help out the Rangers?

Any reports from Cowbell riders?(how was it?)

It was and always is a pleasure riding with you all. You are great riders in your own right and the friendship and stories are awesome. (give me a tissue please :) . The pace was fantastic. Nothing like good hard riding with no long waits at every turn. The two long downhills tore my arms up. Nothing like several thousand feet of downhill in 4th gear, hanging on for dear life. And you know downhills are not my best subject. :D What a great ride. The sooner we go again the better.

Mike in Roseville

We are planning to go again this sat.

It appeared that people were camping at lil'stony.

Thats where we plan to camp the week of Tday.

I sure sunday was great, I thought of y'all.


Hey, sorry to intrude on your conversation, just curious how Stonyford compares to Forest Hill trails? My girlfriend and I love to ride Forest Hill, but there is an enduro scheduled this Sunday (400 riders?!) and we thought Stonyford might be less crowded.

How long is drive to Stonyford from Sac?

Never rode forest hills so I can't compare.

I would say it takes 2hrs from Sac to lil' stoney.

If you want to meet up, let me know.

Denise and I are riding Sat.

Email me if you want.


streich34 In my opinion Stoneyford is much better,more trails, more singletrack and just much more enjoyable. From Martinez it's about 2.5 to 3 hours drive. Have you been to Georgetwon riding. For the best info contact MONTY he is Mr.Georgetown. Ride Often & Ride Safe

Man, you guys are killing me. Here I am sidelined with a bad back and dieing to ride. The worst part of the whole thing is that I didn't even hurt my back riding! :) I'm desparetly trying to get it healed before Tday. Have fun, Paul

Am I missing something? Is Stony closed for camping? I am planning a trip 17-18. Does this have to do with the fire or fire season?

Sorry I'm just slow.

Just want to play with some of my new stuff on my bike!



I talk to the ranger today and davis flats will be open for camping on thanksgiving.If you are going to go before T-DAY then you need to camp at digger pine (LIL STONYE).


SFO Were you on sunday you mist a good ride,we will get back up there on thanksgining week end I hope or poss. georgetown for thanksgiving if stonyford is not open for camping by then.I'll post with info.


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