What sort of spares do you stockpile?

As title says

I want to start stock piling spares

things like timing chain etc

so far i have timing chain, air filter, my old bolts after installing a SS bolt kit, hotcams shimkit

I have a stock of oil and oil filters, two spare tire tubes, hotcams shim kit, complete 300 peice bolt and nut kit (made for wr), sparkplugs, load of jets, headlight bulbs and fuses, and the list keeps on growing........

My spares for both bikes include:

Air filters, Hand grips, oil filters, DID 520VM chains, chain links, sprockets. Nuts / bolts / washers. Seat bolts! Front brake pads, spark plugs, , spare brake / clutch leavers, clutch cable, throttle cable, brake cable, needles / jets, ignitions, rear fender. Front and rear Dunlop 952 tyres, UHD tubes.

Stock stuff like:

Hand guards, 2 sets of bars, 2 spare mufflers, spare header, fork springs, shock springs, odometer, odometer cable, head light, engine protection.

Then there is stuff like:

Air filter oil, fork oil, engine oil, engine ice coolant, brake fluid, bearing grease.

Now my riding gear spares is a big list too! I live 1000kms away from bike shop, so I gotta stockpile. That's also the reason why I got 2 Yamaha's for reliability!

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