Need Help- update!!

> So I just had the pig in the shop to get the valves adjusted. They

> were out pretty bad. Thought all was well went for a ride today and

> something is still not right. The first odd thing is the bike seems

> to be louder, more engine noise than it used to. And it seems like

> there is a ticking or knocking that I do not remember before. ALso,

> it is shifting funny. Sometimes will not go all the way into 5th

> won't shift all the way into first. It still runs pretty good other

> than the noise. Maybe a little loss of power but nothing huge. If

> you can help please do. Thanks in advance.


Thanks to those who have already answered! Let me give more background and a few new develpoments. Directly after riding the bike home from the shop (valve job) I changed the oil/filter and put almost 2 quarts of oil in per some article I got off the internet. I did not consulte the owners manual (stupidly). How much oil is too much. WHen I checked the level it seemed pretty good. During my ride I checked it and it them seemed low only about 1/2 inch showing on the dipstick. It smokes some, but I was informed that this is probally the valve seals. I do not notice any leaks, no oil on the bnike or the gound. Could it have burned up that much oil???

Could it be bad gas? Not me but the bike. THe first 2 times I went to ride I stupidly put 87 octane in. Again, not looking at the owners manual (Yes I am an idioit). The bike seemed to run pretty good. The last 2 times I went riding I put either 91 or 93 in. But these are the two times it messed up. Could it be bad gas making it knock like that? The guy at the shop said that is likely what it is ,I don't know. He siad maybe carbon build up

I hope the bike isn't f'ed up. I just bought it and love it. I would be heart broken if this baby is messed up.

Sorry for the overload but I am just worried about the pig.

Thanks for he help!!

Mine runs fine on 87. You probably have another problem. Sounds like they aren't adjusted right. How good was the shop that was preforming the work? I would go to another shop for a second opinion. Ask the people on this forum for a good shop in your area.

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