Is there any way to lower my footpegs on my 06 WR450?

I would love to be able to straighten out my long legs a little more on my bike, is there any way to lower the footpegs any? i know i would have to adjust the levers down also but i think that part would be easier......

you can cut the bottom spacer off the peg and put it at the top.

Or you could just get fastway F3 pegs that are wider and safer.

Get your ass off the seat and stand up biye.

taller seat is also an option.

I have a taller seat and handlebar risors already, and when im off road i do stand up, but when im cruising the street im not standing up, that's just STUPID!!! So i want to be more comfortable, I do not see what spacer you are talking about, do you have a pic??

As mentioned, Fastway pegs are the only option I've seen. They can drop the pegs around 12.5 mm (1/2 inch)

I do not see what spacer you are talking about, do you have a pic??

Go out and have a look at your foot peg. See the round thing on the bottom side??? The footpeg is 1 piece, BTW, I do not recommend you cut!

Matty I was looking at that and noticed the springs may not work if reversed, and that will only give me 1/2 inch more same as aftermarket adjustab le pegs, I don't know if 1/2 Inch is worth it, one inch would be way more better :excuseme:

When you do the footpeg mod you need to swap the springs. Some guys cut the spacer off and weld it to the other end, and some guys don't weld them at all. I'm buying another set to cut up.

do i swap springs from one side to the other and then put them on top instead of on bottom? is this what you mean? i have no problem cutting them off and welding it on the top for a free 1/2 inch forsure

Just as a warning, I have the Fastway's and in the lower position your feet do hit the ground in hard corners or casing a jump. Great pegs, just a heads up.

Thanks But I just cut off my stock spacers, moved them on top of the pegs instead of below, welded them in place, painted them, switched springs from side to side and reassembled, Moved the trans shift lever down one spline and adjusted the brake lever down also to tha max (without cutting off adjusting bolt) and went for a ride, I can't beleive how much difference even 1/2 inch makes, but like you said i will have to be careful when making tight turns or high opsticals.FootPegsAfter1.jpg

Does the shift lever seem in an awquard place or did you adjust that too?

I already said above, i moved the shifter lever down one spline, I removed it, turned it counterclockwise one spline and bolted it back on, everything feels perfectly normal only a little more comfortable.

Missed that part.

No problem, I tend not to read too much in a post if it's too long too, lol.

Yeah i kinda skipped reading and just looked at the picture lol. I could tell what you did by it.

yeah, I like posting lots of pics, I find it better in forums to be able to see what you are talking about rather then just reading about it. However I do like to leave some detail in case it helps others out too, as they help me..... there is a weatlh of great info here.FootPegsAfter.jpg

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