Does a Mega/Power Bomb header do anything or just hype?

Don't see to many WR guys running them and was wondering what your experiences have been. Thanks.

I have one and upon installing it I felt an immediate gain in response time. I cannot say there was any more power, but it seams to come on earlier.

They must do something, Yamaha has powerbomb style on the '06 YZ's, both 250 and 450, everywhere in the world except USA!!!!!

Got one (SX version) and can't say I noticed much difference at all. I already had the FMF Powercore 4 installed and was hoping that the powerbomb would reduce the noise level a bit, as they claim. It didn't!

The FMF muffler gave absolutely outstanding results by itself, so maybe this masked any gains from the header.

I ran a Q with stock header for 2 years and then after smashing and attempting to blowout dents 2 or 3 times on the stock header I got the Stainles SX Power Bomb. I was not happy at all until I richened up the main and dropped the clip on the needle....... now she rips :excuseme: and it's on average 2db quiter than it was with the stock header :bonk:

I believe it moves the torque curve higher, sooner.

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