Can spokes be reused?

I am thinking of lacing my wheels with black rims. I would like to do it as cheap as possible and was wondering if the stock spokes could be reused or would I need to order a complete replacement set? :excuseme:

I re-laced my 05 rim with stock spokes and black excel rim. No problems in 6 months of use. Excel recommends their spokes, but the stock spokes will work.

on an 01, probably not. You will find a bunch that are seized. Expect to get new spokes and nipples.

It entirely depends on the condition of the original spokes, as Matt suggests. If the threads are in good shape, and the wheels have never worked loose (which subjects the remaining tight spokes to extra stresses), then they can be used. Since they're used, you have no way of knowing how long they'll hold up, but it won't be as long as if they were new. Of course, they could last for years, too.

As far as Excel recommending their own spokes, the YZ450 comes with Excels, and they work fine. You should not use spokes from a DID rim in an Excel, however, as the dimples in the rim won't fit the nipples properly, and that can lead to cracking.

just to clear up a point the spokes and wheels were from a 05 250F which Yamaha didn't call out as excel rims. They definitely don't say excel. The 450F rims have always said excel not the 250F.

The 01 rims that could be a different story they were usually DID or equivalent and you are right, the spokes could be tough to salvage from an 01 rim. But take the tire off and oil both sides of the spokes (inside and outside) the rim before trying to remove them. Sometimes you can salvage all the spokes and nipples. Then check them for fit with the new rim. The nipples should be a tight fit with the rim. If they are to loose or tight, use excel spoke or the spoke recommended for the rim you use. Good luck.

My 01 has Excels for sure. Well they at least say excel on the side. Has anyone every used on of the wheel services such as to have their stock rims anodized or does every one opt to buy new rims. There is no visible damage to mine but Maybe I should just spring for new ones. :excuseme:

I reused my spokes on my 2002 when I laced up my blue rims, but the bike was only 8 months old and the spokes where like new. If I where going to lace up a set on a 01 model, I would definitely buy new spokes too.

Beanb 1, I believe all the 426's and 450's used excel rims. And all the 250F's used DID.

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