Michelin M12?

Does anyone have experience with the Michelin

M12. I ride on everthing from loam to shale

in upstate NY. The local shop has also

recommended the S12 claiming excellent wear



I ride on a Michelin S12 on the front, and a n M12 on the rear. I highly recommend them. I rode an S12 on the rear also, but it wore out pretty quick. The S12 on the front totally changes the way the bike works. It sticks very well, is extremely hard to lose the front of the bike,even in soft conditions.Even if you start to lose the front of the bike you can save it very easily. The M12 rear is an excellent all around tire. The S12 rear is more suited to loose terrain, but works well on hard pack. the only problem is the torque of these big 4 strokes really tears it up.Be aware of the size difference on the tires. A 130 rear is about equal to the stock Dunlop.I had the chance to ride on a buddy's bike that had Dunlop 756's and they were very similar,but I think the Michelin's had a slight advantage on the rear, and the front Michelin had a lot more feedback to the rider.

I too ride on michelins, I have a s12 on the front and a m12 on the rear after wearing out the s12. Iwas extremely happy with the s12 in the wet conditions it is the best tyre that I've ridden on, I am not so happy with the m12, mainly with the way its worn, I guess thats due to the softer compound rubber that is used. If compared to dunlops 752 or 756 you'll notice that the michelin has a more open tread pattern that would be better suited to loamier conditions than the dunlops, which in my opinion are more of an intermediate tyre. Did you also know that they call the tyres s12,m12,h12 because michelin recommend that these tyres 'work' when they are inflated to a minimum of 12psi, and 's' for soft conditions not soft rubber,'m' for med cond. and 'h'for hard surfaces.

Selling my wrapped mrd exhaust 425obo. Reason im selling is because I want the shorty.

Stock s cams and stock cylinder and stock piston in great shape. No scuffs or anything- make offer

Private message for pics.

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