Someone sell me your stock Air filter cage

I mentioned this in one of my threads, but I didn't find anybody with one. So, if you have a stock air filter cage for an XR600R than I would be interested in buying it or trading it for a Twin Air cage that I just bought brand new.


Whats wrong with the aftermarket?

I have one of each and do not use the stock?

I bought an aftermarket one with filter on ebay for $14.95

For some reason my bike isn't liking the aftermarket cage. I don't know if it has to do with the air velocity or what, but no matter how rich I jet the bike it won't clear out the bog that it has. I am willing to put a new carb on it, but first I want to see if I can resolve the problem with the stock cage. Their is two is reason's that I think this might be the problem. The first is because when I put my choke at 1/2 it clears the bog, but the bike is already running rich it must have to do with something else. The second, is that I read that Scott Summers recommends running the back fire screen with an aftermarket filter because too much air will create a bog, which I have. So I want to try running the stock cage to see if it makes a difference. You want to get rid of that stock cage that you have?

pm me, clean/new condition.

pm me, clean/new condition.

PM'ed ya.


I'm curious to see if that backfire screen cured your bog. Let us know. If so, I will deffinetly be in the market for a stock cage w/ screen.

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