A cure for the fork bottoming on track jumps

My wife and I were spectating at the local track a few days ago and I commented on how much I love my WR but when hitting jumps it bottoms the front forks and I don't want to make the suspension to stiff because the woods performance is perfect for me.

I said something along the lines of having a 2nd bike that was more track tuned. She said it made sense. After that all I heard was Blah blah blah as my mind raced.

She left for a few days to Vermont Thursday morning. And would you know that's the same day the local classified weekly comes out. I looked everywhere for a YZ (2 or 4 stroke) Most were pretty whipped sounding. then I see an add for a 03 CRF with a claimed 20 (aprox) hours. I'm aware of the Honda valve issues but had to call and go look.

The thing was pretty nice. Original 44 yr old owner who rode woods around his house. Looked hardly used and no indications of being dropped. Had all the Works Connection armor and adj. clutch / hs lever perch.

Again my pref was a blue one but I couldn't pass this up and got it for $2900 with accessories, riding gear, spare chain, sprocket and a few new oil filters.

I plan to trail ride the WR and whip this on the track and trade it on a YZ450F when they have EFI.

That'll teach her to leave me alone for the weekend.


TRAITOR!!!! :busted::excuseme::bonk::p:bonk: ...SC

Traitor! :bonk::busted:

j/k nice bike and definately a good price! :excuseme:

I was almost afraid to tell on my self...I'm still true blue but I just had to. It's the best way to a YZ while keeping my WR.

Hopefully you wont have the CRF long and you can trade her in on a nice Blue YZ forsure, Hope you bought lots of spare valves for the Red Toy.... :excuseme:

I don't understand why the stock valves are so bad. With the TRX450s the valves are holding pretty good. They actually tear up less when they are sent to California with $3500 and are not Honda anymore.

Thats a pretty neat looking 03, but yes I have to agree with the others here & say TRAITOR, as well :excuseme:

I've heard the valve probs can be solved by replacing the titanium ones with stainless.

traitor nice buy though and like the 1 guy said "Did u buy more spare valves?"

Its a track beater. If she blows...she blows, so be it.

I'm holding off for a EFI YZ and trying to see if PA will permit me to dual sport my WR.

I will say that the CRF runs quite well. The throttle response it very sharp. They previous owner installed a power now that I assume gives it that response.

Huge difference from the WR. On my test track the big difference is in the tight spots where the WR pretty much 'tractors' along and the CRF takes more rider input to get through.

Lastly, the Pirelli tires really 'hook' differently than the stock WR tires.

Yep traitor or not a Very Good price -

Jealousy is a curse - now you got others looking for one at the same price!

Good one :excuseme:

no Honda for me anytime for any reason eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Keep us updated on the relability if any on your CRF.

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