Xr600 Counter Shaft - split the case?

The countershaft on my '86 XR600 is toast!! The sprocket chewed up all the teeth :excuseme:

Do I need to split the case to replace the countershaft?

I believe so but do not take my word for it. If you need a temporary fix for a while, you can just weld the sprocket to the shaft and your good to go.

Yes, you have to split the cases. Since it is an 86, you are likely to fine that 3rd gear is in need of replacement. Possibly other gears too.

There is a guy from Florida on ebay, USA Motorcycles, selling aftermarket countershafts. Do not get one of them. They are poorly machined, and don't have the oil plug in the end. Without that plug, the gears on the countershaft will get chewed up in short order.

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