Heavy Meatel, Oil Filter findings

I still get meatel gridings and little flakes and stuff in my oil filter. The bike has about 1000 miles on it and get oil changed every 100 miles or so, do you guys still get that? Its not alot but you can deffinatly see it in the ridges of like one or two rows of the element.

You guys running that Mobil 1 stuff, is there a special type for bikes? what weight do you run?

680 miles on my 2001 and the metallic stuff in the oil has been moderate the last 2 changes. The first 3 changes there was a lot of metal. I'm going to start changing the oil every 150 to 200 miles and continue to closely watch the metallic debris in the oil.

Every 5 gals of fuel I change the oil.

My scotts filter is always loaded with particulate aluminum.

I don't think I have ever had an oil change that didn't have a particle or two. I also use a magnetic drain plug which has always had fine powder type residue of one kind or another. I seem to get more when it has been ridden on a race track vs in the woods.

Bonzai :)

My last oil change @ approx. 950 mi had a lot of metal on the filter. It was more than the previous oil change and I'd been riding it really hard. I wondered about a magnetic drain plug, but it sounds like (from Yamakaz's post) that it doesn't really pick up that much stuff. Is that pretty much the consensus of those folks with magnetic drain plugs? Cheap ass me, I ought to just buy one, but thought I'd ask anyway.

www.terrycable.com ty davis extra stength mag drain plug. it will hold one of the cams.. so it is definetely strong enough! I have not seen more than a hint of metal in my oil filter since I put the ty plug in. DO NOT GET THE MOOSE PLUG! IT WON'T EVEN STICK TO MY FRIDGE! (you can have mine if you want it, though) I seem to get better oil life with the ty plug. i run mobil 1, and have put 175 miles or so, fast, wide open woods, and fast mx tracks, always ridden hard. the oil still smells and looks like new! I am going to change it soon, so i'll see if i've caught any metal pieces. the insurance is worth the 20 bucks,....

you might have to call them to get the correct plug.. ph # is 1-800-854-4691

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If you get the Ty plug make sure you get the updated thin crush washer...

Well, at least Im not the only one, but where is this meatel coming from, it cant just keep comming forever can it? I suppose maybe I bent about it cause I have never had a 2 stroke with a filter and any other can filter you never see whats inside of it. I wonder if its mostly from the tranny or the motor? I am guessing the tranny. I have some super powerfull magnets I got from old SCSI hard drives, I think Ill pop them on the bottom of my crank case and just pry em off before I change the oil, :) man, talk about cheap ass huh!

Magnets that stick to the aluminum crank case????

Where can I get some??? I also need some for stainless steel!!! Thanks...

These magnets ROCK, they are so strong they will stick to the case because of the Steel inside, but they are more than happy to live on the frame under under the skid plate or on the drain bolt. When I first took them out of the hard drive, I got a blood blister from trying to hold the two apart when they came togeter :) .

Yamahas metal screen filters show all particles. unlike paper into which the particles embed never to be seen again.

the wire screen helps keep down oil aeration so as to improve lubrication.

The manual says to clean out the filter, but i have seen many torn from clogging. Not clogged from metal but a almost clear fiber looking stuff ( probably Quarks).

If you brush the filter and spread out the wires on the screen does it change the micron rating of the filter? DUH! Buy a new one goob. And that real purty stainless on I would clean in an ultrasonic cleaner.


I am using the Ty-Davis Magnet and still find metal flakes in my filter....So much for the WWF of magnets theory!

Bonzai :)

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