Pro Taper Triple Clamp

Just wanted to mention that I recently mounted the new Pro Taper rubber mount top clamp to my '03 WR 450 and it is awesome.I started off with the yellow insert and bushings so I could gauge whether or not I wanted to use the harder or softer pieces.The vibration was definetely cut and steering response was still excellent.I was afraid that maybe there'd be too much "squirm" from the rubber insert but I ended up going with the softest blue insert. I put on a Pro Taper Contour bar "Woods High bend" and only have SUPER low vibration. As far as steering deflection I had no problem riding 20+ miles of single track through the woods,creeks,and some short rocky sections. The only problem was my physical conditioning :excuseme: . Any way ,I would highly recommend this set up to anyone thinking about doing a bar/steering mod especially if you can't afford a $350-650 steering dampner.The electrical bracket will mount up with minor bending but the two upper bolts for the head light shroud wont so you'll need zip ties for these and you may want to reposition your main ignition switch by bending the bracket. :bonk::busted::bonk::p

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