06 WR450 Headlight Cover/Protection- Any recommendations??

Has anyone got a decent cover or protection idea for the standard headlight on the 06 WR.

I dont want to break that sucker or have it smashed by rocks or roost.

Any links to on-line stores / pics gratefully accepted.


The perspex covers are useless. If you don't beleive me look at my head light. The best thing is a type of contact film about a quarter inch thick that sticks onto the surface of your head light and is thick enough to absorb the impact of rocks and the likes.

ALWAYS check with the ThumperTalk Store but I know that Baja Designs has a 3M film that sticks on the headlight. I don't have it but a buddy of mine SWEARS by it and he sayd that he has taken a head on with a golf ball size rock and it did not break.. I have heard several guys say that it works awsome and it is only about $20.00 I think. I tried to search on Baja Designs but I can't find it so call them, I know they have it.

That stuff sounds great however they don't list it for our WR's only Yamaha Xt's, can it be cut down to fit? I almost lost my headlight yesterday from a buddy ahead of me on the trail, it got me thinking of buying a steel mesh guard or something, but this sounds good if it can fit.

Yes it can be cut, but go to the Yamaha Motor web site and cross refererence the headlight with the XT. Or even better call Dual Star monday to see what they have. I am sure if you gave them the deminsions they could give you and option. I just spoke with my buddy that uses the stuff and he says it is the best stuff to use.

I'm looking for one as well as mine got broken in my last event, $120.00 for a new one. Seem to remember seeing them on BTO or Rocky Mountain.

self stick vecro and cut Plexi-Glass to size........ duh hahahahaha

That stuff sounds great however they don't list it for our WR's only Yamaha Xt's, can it be cut down to fit?.

Yes, the XT has the DOT headlamp and is bigger than our off road headlamps, so you should have enough to cover your WR's

Thanks a bunch guys - as always very helpful.

I was thinking about the plexiglass and even got round to cutting some to size bit then though any impact would just get transfered to the contact patches so opted out of that one.

The laminate sounds the go.

Thanks again :excuseme:

baja designs has a metal one that has worked great for me. :excuseme:

I am actually an installer of 3M paint protection films. You can get a universal piece of 27 mil film and simply cut to size. You could probably go with a 40mil if you really want some heavy duty but the 27 mil would suit you just fine.

You can get what you need from www.xpel.com

You even have your choice of clear, yellow, smoke or blue. The film doesnt cut down on the brightness during nighttime use but the clear is the only one that is street legal.

When you go to shop online under the selection for year and make there are 2 links for universal or bulk material, check out both for a greater selection.

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