rear sprocket, steel or stainless

anyone know if the rear sprocket is steel or stainless? I haven't had it off yet and it has about 1800 miles on it and it still looks good.

Stock is steel.

Aluminum sprockets are pretty cheap and alot easier on the chain, if you are upgrading the sprocket go with a a good chain and it will last years if properly cared for. I use a DID VM X-Ring chain (the all gold ones) and Sprocket Specialists sprockets and love them.

thanks , I ordered front and rear sprocket specialist sprockets and the x ring much wear do you get out of the alnminum ones? Thanks, Rob

If your going to change the rear sproket spend the $15-$21 to replace the front sproket as well. If you dont it will jump up and bite you when you least expect it....

Bonzai :)

Actually, for off-road applications (not moto-x), a steel sprocket is recommended. The problem with aluminum sprockets is they are brittle, so when you hit rocks and such, the sprocket will crack, as oppose to bending (steel). Also, you'll notice that a worn steel sprocket's teeth bend, and the aluminum sprocket will actually start losing the teeth (I've seen completely bald alum. sprockets). Finally, a steel sprocket costs less than half of an aluminum sprocket. If you buy a top notch chain, your sprockets will last much longer (DID X-ring), and instead of buying one $50 alum. sprocket, you can buy 2 rear steel sprockets, and be able to do gearing changes. :)

Dont forget the stainless prockets that are available. These have been tested by most of the moto magazines with rave reviews regarding wear resistance and strength.

who has the best deal on a stainless sprokets and chain combo and which brand is better?

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