756 / 952............

When I bought my 01 426 it had a d739 on the front...I ride in the desert, lots of deep sand, decomposed granite in every corner..Lots of rock...I was having my front end wash out quite a bit...Fell frequently..This winter I put on a 756 in the front and a 952 on the rear...My washing in corners stopped immediatly..and I havent fallen in a long time..Its got 6 months on it now, and its still hangin on..what a great tire...my 952 held up great..but Im ready for a new one..This combo was the best Ive tried so far...Just was very pleased again on this mornings ride, thought Id post my opinion.. :excuseme:

on my o6, i changed the stock 739 for a 952, which was ok for similar terrain you ride. last week i had my suspension done and i got new tires; i got 100 90 front in 742 and 120 80 rear in 756. i was out today, it rocks. fat tires help me alot.

This combo was the best Ive tried so far...

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