Best Header/Exhaust for the 650R

With all the options- please offer your opinions-which is the best for overall performance for the 650R? Is there any info or tests out there to check out? Please let me know. Thanks :excuseme:

I used the stock header and a FMF Titanium mid-pipe & exhaust and was very pleased. Light, smoother power curve and I loved the GROWL.....check it out in "my garage" :excuseme:

My opinion is the Pro circuit T4 full system. Looks good, great performance, and durable. Allthough it is a little expensive and is loud. You can get a new system on ebay for $550 shipped. Now if i only had the cash to put one on my bike. I hate fmf pipes. got a powercore 4 now and quality it very bad after a year of rideing. dont get one. Also heard lots of bad things about big gun exhausts.

I am running the T-4 full exhaust. Love it. Looks good very durable and tunable. Loud enough that the people on the road know you are beside them. Wouldn't have it any other way. Like the harley guy's say Loud Pipes Save Live's

If you do a search on this forum, you'll find more opions on this subject than you can read in a lifetime.

Good advice. Thanks

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