Also, are the 05 and 06 compatible?

Is carbon fiber or titanium better for the exhaust can? Which will last longer and withstand more accedental abuse?

I think ive decided on a Yoshimura TRC slip on. Its a little more expensive than the other ones but ive heard great things about them for their street systems.


Titanium is better than carbon fibre for durability.

Yoshi should be good choice!

Also, are the 05 and 06 compatible?


Any '03 - '05 YZ exhaust system will fit, that aslo means that any '03 - 06 WR's are the same also.

Im gunna go with the yoshi. I love the looks and my buddy has a yoshi on his sportbike that sounds awsome.

the yosh does sound and look awesome but on a dirt bike i have a friend using a full system on is 450 and rust seem to appear really really easy. Other than that its a great system.

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