650L jet part numbers

Ok here is my story I have a 03 650L that I have de smoged. I added the Supertrap ISDE 2 pipe with the quiet core and I am running all eight discs. I added the K&N air filter, Removed the snorkel and started installed a Dynojet jet kit. It still didn't run the greatest and I have tried both the 160 and 165 jet and clipped the needle in all spots. So then I went into Dave's Mods. I have drilled out the slide to the specs from Dave's mods and now I am back to the stock needle with the dynojet shim washer. I have read Dave's mods probable 50 times and I looked over all of the photos and I realized the dynojet kit only has you replace one jet not both of them. So I did more internet reading and decided I would pull the dynojet kit back out and just run Dave's mods and new jetting. I called sudco to order the short pilot jets in 55 and 58 (to try both) and the sales person wanted the Honda part numbers. Does anyone have a place where I can call and order jets for my CARB that has knowledgeable sales staff that would be able to find the right jets for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. One last thing I am at 757 feet above sea level.

When I talked to my Honda parts guy, he looked and Honda doesn't have a part number for any other slow jet. One other source is Dennis Kirk. They are a little more expensive but usually have them in stock.


Use the pull down for part number (price) and select the number ending with 58 or what ever size you want. This jet is the one my neighbor and I used (58). He still runs the Keihin but I went to an Edelbrock.

FWIW regarding Honda part numbers and jet sizes: For an XR650R (for example) the part number is 99105-MBN-0650 for a 65 pilot. A 68 would be part number 99105-MBN-0680,

70: 99105-MBN-0700

72: 99105-MBN-0720

Same for main jets:

142: 99101-357-1420

145: 99101-357-1450

148: 99101-357-1480

and so on. The part number remains mostly the same but the last 4 digits change for each individual size.

I've done three carbs for 650l's and always just get them from www.bajadesigns.com Just get there phone# and call don't try to figure the website out...Tell them what # jets you want and what year bike...they know what to send.

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