YZ450F 2006 Spark Plug Removal Help and Jetting

Hello, I just bought a YZ450F 2006 and need to re-jet the carb. I just

installed a FMF pipe and it is now bogging when pinning the gas. I

went to pull the plug wire off and there is not enough clearence to get it

out of the hole. The plug cap is hitting the frame. I have the spark

plug removal tool from yamaha, but just need to get the plug cover off.

The service manual does not give me this information.

Also, does anyone have information on how I should jet this bike? All the jetting is currently factory and the elevation here is 2500-4000 feet with a temperature of 80-100'F.

Any help you can give me will be greatly apreached!

Thanks much,

Mike :excuseme:

On the '06 you have to remove the motor from the frame to change the plug.

Not really......just wiggle that thing off. It will come off.

Patience Grasshopper it will come out -

jet 48 pilot jet

165/170 MJ

Unplug the wire from the cap, then try it. I had same problem. My bike was popping on decel, I changed pilot to a 48, kept the 165 main. Your high elevation though, ask Burned what he thinks.

Who is burned? I am new at this forum.



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