header wrap

Hey guys.

I'm new to the sight and have learned some valuable info form the other members, thanks.

Does exhaust wrap have any negative effects on the engine.

Where does the heat go.

Out the exhaust, or does it make the engine run hotter?

I have an '06 xr650l, and so far all I have done to it is a clarke 4.0 gal.

tank and 14/48 sprockets with an rk x-ring chain.

Will removing the smog crap and doing Daves mods fatten up the jetting

and make the bike run a little cooler?

I already have a nice burn scar on my left leg from the toomeys on my banshee and I really don't want a matching one on my right leg. :excuseme:

Thanks for any help guys.

Header wrap has no negative effects on the engine, its similar to ceramic coating your pipes, it keeps the heat in the pipe. I wrapped mine to keep the heat away from my legs, and it helps.

Thanks dude.

I also header wrapped and it helps keep the engine cooler and you won't burn you leg.


04 650L

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