Oil change, Level.

Hello Folks,

I just did my '06 650's first oil change and just wanted to confirm what the shop manual has written. After reading through the forums, I've gotten several mixed stories. I changed the oil filter, so the shop manual recommended 1.7 quarts. I ended up putting roughly 1.85 quarts in. After running the machine up and down my street for roughly 10 minutes, the dipstick shows the oil level right at the "Upper Mark" - done according to the manual.

I can see the top of the oil as I look down the filler tube. What's everyone's experience with proper oil levels?



I think you have it, but just to be clear, the dipstick in the dry sump tank (frame downtube) is calibrated to read accurately within a few minutes of shut down and....very important....with the dipstick just sitting on the first threads and NOT screwed-in. Checking it cold and/or with the stick screwed-in will give false readings.

I use the 1600cc fill volume for oil and filter change and that comes out right at the full mark for me after shutting the engine down. Of course it takes a little burping (short idle) to fit the 1600cc in there.

FYI - I recently pulled my right side covers to service the scavenge screen and the total oil fill required after that was ALMOST 2 quarts due to the extra draining with the side covers removed.

I changed my oil this weekend too, and it took more than the 1.75 quarts to refill it. While I had the drain plugs out, I held the compression release in and slowly kicked the engine over a couple of times. More oil came out when I did that. This might be the extra needed??? I checked the level again after riding for a while and it is fine.


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