Is there a big defference??

My wr 426 is way more powerful than any 250. But in the woods and tight single track, it is a beast to man handle, say compared to a 250 two stroke like a cr250. I weigh about 200 lbs, and can tell you that I would be way faster on a cr 250 than my big bike in my riding area. I fall over all the time to cause I cant touch the ground, and the massive engine brake, in technical sections.(my bike is like ten foot tall!!)

There is nobody who is gonna shoot roost farther than me or beat me in the open, well in the tight sections either(just takes more effort). I always have to wait for the 250's to catch up :excuseme:

All in all, with your weight, you might be better off on a two stroke 250(very fast and light) or you can try and tame the beast :bonk:

i weigh 153 and im 5'7 and i ride a 450 i tame it just fine(in the sand) i just hit the gas and i usually have no problems at all except when i leave every 1 in the dust and then i have to wait 5 minutes for them to catch up. :excuseme:

Alright well i am 5,7 and growing. About 135lbs. I ride kinda agressive. I have about 3 years of ridin experience. And i ride woods about 99% of the time

A YZ250F would be perfect for you. I can whip all the big bores on my YZ250F, very easily in the woods. Mind you, it pumps out about 40hp now with engine work done.

I can go way faster on the WR450, but it is hard to keep the pace up. It is far too heavy. Better for the faster flowing stuff like trails and desert. Not tight woods.

As stated before, skip the WR250F unless you want to ride it on the road.

If you really like to be aggressive, nothing says it more than a 2 stroke. Get some balls. Get a CR500AF!!! :excuseme:

Just buy this thing.


I had a 03 WR250 which I rode extensively in GA and TN. I hadn't ridden dirtbikes for 20 years and was afraid of getting something too powerful for old dude.

It was fine for the first year as I got back in the groove. I rode it for another couple years and had to "wring it's neck" to get the power I needed to ride aggressively.

Then I moved to CO and felt like I was on a freakin 50cc minibike. It was so underpowered it was almost dangerous to ride.

So I plopped down the money for a WR450 and this thing is better than sex. If you are worried about too much power - don't. Get the free mods done and get it tuned for your altitude, etc. Get them to tune it for better off idle response and all your dreams will be fulfilled.

Get a KTM 300exc if you are not going to dual sport your bike. You will appreciate the lack of weight, the WR 450 tends to wear me out fairly quick, and I am in pretty good shape, at the gym four days a week, but if I spend three or four hours in the real tight stuff it really beats me up.

Take back everything I just said. If you are planning on spending most of your time on single track then go with the KTM, for more wide open type trails go with the big bore WR.

Just buy this thing.


Sweet mother of GOD!

Maybe some of those hill climber guys would want this, you know, rake out the front and extend the swing arm...

It might just be a little much for the tight woods, ya think?

Just buy this thing.


Yeah buddy........... ATK Engineers must have beer on tap in the office :bonk:

What I would'nt give for an hour on that bike in the desert :excuseme:

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