Has anyone out there tried cutting down there sub frame???

I have an extra sub frame and a Tig welder so it would be a zero dollar mod, just not sure if its worth or how to do it??? I am 5’7” with short legs I did try to set the sag raise the forks on the clamps all worked but I need a little more, any ideas? :excuseme:


If you have the tools to do it, I say go for it!

At the bottom of the subframe, where the lowest bolt holes are. There is a factory weld joint, just grind down the weld on a bench grinder and the piece that has the bolt hole in it will come out. then cut about 10mm off of the frame and tig it back in. I dont think you have to worry about lining it up because the piece you are welding should have a smaller collar that drives into the frame. Hope this helps.

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