Bolt kit???

well i just got home from a practice and i lost a few of my bolts today

i have never had any fall out and today they decided to leave me..

well anyways i have a 2004 yz450f and would really like a bolt kit to help replace a few of these... i lost a few of the fender shroud bolts.. and i heard you cant find these anywhere but the dealer and just wondering if someone could please let me know of a place i could get a good set!


I got a Tusk bolt set from Rocky Mountain. It has darn near every size in it and I think I gave $15 for it.

I have the cycra bolt kit.Yes its expensive,BUT it has saved me a few times when I would not have been able to race.Comes in a nice case also.

I get all of my bolts and o-rings from Ace hardware. So far they've had everything I needed, cheap too :excuseme:

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