Left Rad has an boo-boo

I had a bit of a get-off into some scotch broom today :bonk: . I kinda munched the left rad scoop and some lower/outer rad fins on my XR. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix it (if it's required)? Don't recommend Devol rad guards :excuseme: . I'm going to get a set.


That is nothing!!! I almost thought I was looking at a brand new rad...

One of mine has about the same size issue on it, and its been working fine for years. I wouldn't worry about it at all, unless you get a stick through it, or REALLY get it pushed in. If your really worried about it, try to ever so gently push it back in, and don't hit the fins. As long as its not leaking, you'll be just fine...

Looks like a near-miss to me. Careful, you almost hurt it.

Others may disagree, but I wouldn't be too quick to bend aluminum back into shape too much, Maybe just a smidge to get the shroud back on reasonably straight.

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