LAST New England Turkey Run of the Year...Be there or be...uhhh...square I guess(?)

Come see the new "KL" highly modified carb for the 98/99's. I just hope I can get it running right :) .

This last ride is in Massachusettes. Check it out @ and

We can all get together for one final bash...Open to ANYONE that can make it.

I can be reached at after Wednesday morning. I am off from work until next Tuesday!!

[ November 05, 2001: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

&%$#@! Dudes...

NOBODY is going?

:) Does anyone know where this is - no one is going because no one can find any info on the ride!

I checked both Netra and the link to king phillip and the only info is that it is in Taunton MA and at 9am.

Anyone have directions to where the ride is starting from, distance etc.

Any info would be helpful.



Kevin, The Connecticut guy's are supposed to be there in full force. I just got back from Atlanta last night, and first thing in the morning I'll be getting ready. See you there!


As of this morning, I am running a 102F temperature and puking. I feel like I have gone 5 rounds in the ring with an extremely strong woman :) , my body aches are severe. Sunday's ride DOES NOT look promising... :D

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