footpeg lowering mod

I tried lowering the footpegs on my bike. i got the tubes cut fine and went to reinstall everything, the left side lines up fine and sticks straight out, but the right side angles forward. i cant figure out why it is. i tried lining it up straight out and noticed the part that rests against the frame has a 1/4" or so gap. did any1 have to weld a piece of metal to correct the alignment? any help is appreciated. i can take photos if my description sucks.

What bike are you doing this on? I've done it on my '03 YZ450 and '04 KXF250. The mod works great on both of these bikes.

an 04 yz125, i put in some washers and it straightened them out alot. so prblem solved! i didnt weld anything back on but im goin to get a bushing to take up the space, any1 else do something similar?

I did this on my 02 YZ426, but it was like a year ago.

Don't you have to put the left peg spring on the right side and vice versa?

Did you do that?

yea i did all that, everythings lined up faily straight, and rides nicely too, cant wait to get a taller seat so i can finally fit

I am 6ft 5in or so. I have done all the stuff i can do except the tall seat. Check my "garage" if you want. If you are pretty tall i would highly recomment Renthal Fatbar RC High. (114mm). My bro calls them monkey bars, but i finally feel comfortable on my bike. 10mm risers as well. Tall seat when i get the $$.

I did that on my 2006 YZ 450 with the stock pegs, and it worked out great.

Ive never heard of lowering footpegs, I'm 5'10", but do you still think this might help me?, maybe a more comfortable ride? Can someone post some upclose pics of it?

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