aluminum throttle tube?

Hello everyone. I crashed and broke the throttle tube on my 06 yz450. I bought a white brothers alum. one and installed it and it feels a little sticky. Anyone else ever had this? Any suggestions? Thanks.

did you clean the handlebars off first with a wire brush?

If you did not get one with roller bearings and a closed end, good chance you got some grip glue between the tube and bars. Also be sure to grease up the tube

I never grease the bar, just keep it clean. Lube attracts dirt.

graphite powder works great, and doesn't attract dirt.

graphite powder works great, and doesn't attract dirt.

Same great.

Make sure you didn't slide it on too far and the bar is causing friction.

Thanks guys. I'll have to take it down and do a once over. I know I cleaned it real good but didn't lube it any kind of way.Anyone use the sealed one with roller bearing? I never had to replace one before and don't really like the way it feels. I will take it down though and see if I can get this one to feel buttery smooth the way I like it.

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