XR650L owners - please look at the starter motor mounts

As some of you may know I am fitting 650L estart to the beloved XR600R I have.

I am looking at where the starter motor mounts on the engine casing for the XR650L

As some of you may also know the 600R has the casting blanks in the engine casing where the 2 holes go to mount the starter motor. They are not drilled however on the XR600.


So can one of you nice 650L ownwers perhaps have a look see down there (perhaps even uncrew one of the bolts) and tell me if the thread is straight into the case or is there a sleeve?

From pics I have seen it looks like there could be chrome coloured sleeve, but cant be sure.

Any pics you could post would be good as well.


(will keep ya all pdtaed oin estart progress...suffice to say still going.)

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