Running Hot

Just purchased an 05 WR450. The bike was totally stock out of the gate and I completed a few mods thus far (throttle stop, removed silencer end, cut gray wire). Took the bike out for the maiden voyage yesterday and it ran ly well although it is running extremely hot. The heat coming off the silencer is pretty extreme to the point where the mounting bolt for the seat is hot to the touch. I can also feel the the heat coming through my boot. My friend has an 04 with same mods except he changed up the jetting & removed snorkel and his didnt run nearly as hot.

Any suggestion appreciated

Re-Jet carb richer, its a lean machine. See Jetting database. :excuseme:

Uncork (or replace) that pipe to lower the back pressure and let the hot gas out ( not too Loud) then do the free mods then re jet the carb the temps will go down and you will be happy.

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