YAHOO!! my 02 WR426 is a bunch of questions, & yes the worn out jetting ??

What is this (new in 02) electronic throttle position indicator & whats it do? will it affect BK mod? do I even need it now? Anyhow I plan on YZ timeing & will be putting on a 02 YZF Canadian pipe with open airbox grey wire pulled. Anybody have jet info to share on the YZ time & jets to start at... & later diaphram disabled octipus removed..

Thanks All....... :)

Crap I can't seem to shake that red smiley face :)

presuming that you are running the same jetting as pooley's new bike i would say the that your pilot circuit could come right down to make the bottom end crisper and less likely to stall.

try and get a 45 and 42 PJ as well as a 75PAJ or the PAS that many petrol heads buy.

then do the BK mod and apparently you lift the needle one clip.


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Just to clarify, I have the 01 WR. I was thinking of waiting for the 02 but I had the $$ 8 weeks ago and I got the 01.

Best $$ ever spent!!

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