What do you think?

New smaller alloy tank fitted and it's made all the difference. Bike feels smaller and is easier to throw about the track. I can get further forward in the bends.

All it needs now is the new black gripper seat cover.


An action shot!! :excuseme:


Very, very nice!

That's awesome!

What that little black box on the side of your cylinder w/ all the hoses and crap running out of it? Is that an emissions thing? I've never seen one before, so just wondering...

I'd guess a catch a can for racing, but I'm not really sure.

Cheers guys for the comments.

Yes it is indeed a catch tank for racing. I 'borrowed' it off my brothers KTM while he wasn't looking and it fits just fine.

Another plus side of the smaller tank is the far easier access to the oil filler cap. And of course it looks proper and has brough the look right up to date.

Great pics.

Take off the peg bumpers and lets see some sparks. :excuseme:

Track rules I'm afraid, peg sliders are a must to protect the track. Should have some pics with lots of sparks off my ti boot plates!! :excuseme:

Another couple of action shots



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